Mark, Track & Find Your Items.

Revolutionary labeling of clothing and assets. Secure everything from clothes to your most precious possessions. Mark, track and find the lost regardless of search distance!
Trackmark is a small marker that is easily attached to everything from clothes to valuables. The mark is connected to an app that locates the mark regardless of the search distance, making it easy for you to track down what you thought you had lost. Trackmark simplifies everyday life by finding back the lost, just follow the instructions on the map in the app.

The Prototype

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The App For Your Markers.

  • Simple and easy to use app
  • Map to track your markers
  • See live status of your markers
  • Buy more markers through the app
  • Simplifies reporting in theft / loss
  • Mark items as stolen or lost
Stop searching, begin locating!

The Process


Mark it
Place the marker anywhere
on the item you want to track


Track it
Open the app and press locate
to see where your item is.


Find it!
Go to the location of the marker
and instantly find it.
Water Resistant
The marker is resistant towards
water, so you can wash it.
Attach easy to belongings
Attach the marker on everything
fromclothing, possessions to
Always Online
Press locate in the app to instantly
find the markers location.
Up to 10 years
The life of our markers are
up to ten years.
Size Matters
It is built to be as small as possible
to avoid it from being found.
Track Globally
There is no limit on how far
you can track your markers.

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