The background for the idea / what & why

As a parent, I constantly find myself in a desperate situation which I am sure many of you recognize. The weather turns colder and the purchase of winter clothes for the little ones becomes an expensive but necessary affair. Like myself, you have probably also experienced that your child come home WITHOUT the newly purchased clothes. This leads to a desperate search, but you have no idea where to start looking and after spending precious time trying to track them down you have to accept that the clothes are gone, either lost, misplaced or other children have brought them home. Leaving you with no other option than to replace what has been lost.
Personally, I know this dilemma all too well, I do not know how many outer jackets, rain pants or suits that have gone astray. But every single time has put me in a desperate situation, as a single mother, extra unforeseen purchases are not something my finances can stand. This was how the idea for this product began to sprout and as the idea started to grow I decided that I wanted to develop a small marker that can be attached to basically anything that has a value.

Vision & Mantra

To develop a product that make it possible to find your item, whether it is misplaced, lost or stolen and regardless of the search area. The product provides an opportunity to secure your precious possessions and valuables. No more unforeseen costs of replacing a lost item or spending precious time searching indefinitely. At the same time, the environment is saved from unnecessary purchases and the use of batteries – which help making the world take the right step towards the green shift.
Trackmark stands out from the other trackers on the market. As it is very small, it can easily be attached to most things, it withstands machine washing, has a long life and there is no restrictions when it comes to the search distance. Trackmark will be so universal that it will not only be suitable for the private homes, but also for securing companies' products and inventories.
Trackmark aim to be a technological company that develops products for the future that solve various problems in everyday life in both in the private sector but also for companies. We have a strong focus on work environment, morals, competence enhancement and self-development! We will be a team that draws from expertise across work areas and be involved in developing each other. Development of own projects will also be facilitated! We have a goal to grow and create jobs in the future.

Sounds interesting?

Does this sound like a place you want to contribute to grow and feel you can add value to our team? Or do you have a company that sees possibilities in our product? We are now looking for possible partners and deals with different companies.
Do not hesitate to contact us today at or
Water Resistant
The marker is resistant towards
water, so you can wash it.
Attach easy to belongings
Attach the marker on everything
from clothing, possessions to
Always Online
Press locate in the app to instantly
find the markers location.
Up to 10 years
The life of our markers are
up to ten years.
Size Matters
It is built to be as small as possible
to avoid it from being found.
Track Globally
There is no limit on how far
you can track your markers.

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